Part: Profi-flex (MAVT) Wheel
Category: Wheels


The Profi-flex Wheel is GKN Wheels' Manually Adjustable Variable Track wheel and a well proven industry standard.

The Profi-flex Wheel incorporates many design features that make it the most capable, adjustable wheel available. The Profi-flex Wheel features 16 different track positions, with 15mm between each, meaning a more accurate position can be achieved when planting multiple crops or moving from field to field. The variable width also lends itself to situations where more steering ability or traction may be required.

The wheel incorporates a continuously welded flange ring which joins the centre disc to the wheel rim, creating a constant cross section flange ring to ensure an even distribution of loads between the rim and disc. This in turn minimises the stress on the wheel. In addition, the flange has a very flat profile, giving an excellent surface for bolt location and making it easy to maintain the preloaded torque.


  • Continuously welded flange ring joins the bolted centre disc to the wheel rim
  • Increased bolt stretch
  • 16 offset positions, 15mm between each
  • Can operate at speeds of up to 50kph
  • Available with GKN Wheels' Profi-fit rim profile
  • Standard wheel designs allows up to as much as 260HP
  • Rack position moves to optimise the greatest yield on crops
  • The design of the wheel lends itself to situations where more steering ability or traction may be required
  • High performance life and low fatigue due to structurally efficient joint structure