Part: Profi-fit Wheel
Category: Wheels


GKN's innovative Profi-fit Wheel is the perfect solution for low pressure agricultural tyre applications around the world.

Designed by a global team of engineers, the wheel combines durability with reduced weight and easier tyre fitting, bringing benefits for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users.
Low pressure tyres are extensively used in agricultural applications in order to minimise the risk of soil compaction. However, these tyres typically have stiffer walls, making them more difficult to fit - Profi-fit was specifically developed to address this problem.

The Profi-fit Wheel has a rolled over flange which improves rim strength and minimises the risk of tyre damage during installation. It also has a specifically angled section, more than double the TRA/ETRTO minimum of 15 degrees, which greatly improves ease of tyre bead seating during inflation and allows tyres to be fitted to pressures below 2 bar.

The wheel Incorporates a unique ‘double bump’ radius design at a critical point where traditional rims are susceptible to ultimate fatigue failure reducing stress, whilst maintaining strength and performance.

The lower weight reduces vehicle group pressure and contributes to savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The typical application for a Profi-fit rim includes combines, self-propelled forage harvesters and tractors. It is produced in the UK, Denmark, the USA and Italy.




  • The perfect solution for low pressure agricultural tyre applications
  • Provides reduced weight and easier tyre fitting
  • An innovative and sustainable design solution
  • Manufactured in Italy, the UK, the USA and Denmark
  • Available in diameters from 24" to 50" and widths from 14" to 30"