Part: Giant Mining Truck Rims
Category: Wheels


Mining tyre and wheel servicing organisations work to maximise machine productivity and efficiencies. GKN Wheels has worked closely with these organisations to design, manufacture and now launch a range of products to make it the supplier of choice for mining wheels.

Working with Original Equipment Manufacturers engineers, mine operators and other after-market customers, we have reviewed the significant requirements of mining equipment, operating demands, the extreme loads and stresses and harsh mining environment to design and manufacture highly reliable and durable products.

We offer full-service wheel technology solutions from design and testing through to manufacture of quarry and mining rims.


  • Standard 5 Piece Rim/Wheels - tubeless operation
  • Circumferential weld joints inspected for quality and integrity
  • Reinforced bead seat band and back section
  • Forged and seamless ring material used for critical components
  • Heavy duty lock ring
  • All primary components made from various high strength low alloy steel (HSLA)
  • All critical surfaces fully machined
  • Continuous tyre tool pocket feature