​Synchronizer Hubs



Synchronizer Hubs are the core product for the shifting mechanism in all double clutch and manual transmissions. PM has proven to be the premier solution for this component, and has facilitated improvements in performance while also reducing weight. GKN has a proven track record of developing optimized and competitive solutions for many different customers and applications on a global basis.


Application Details

  • Double clutch and manual transmissions
  • Automotive and light truck applications
  • Solutions for both highly competitive and high performance applications
  • Torque levels up to 750Nm



  • Lightweight, optimized designs with integrated features to improve performance and lubricant distribution
  • Excellent dimensional precision for improved shift feel
  • Minimal machining is required due to nearest to net shape capability
  • Materials matched to performance requirements
  • In-house fatigue performance testing
  • Global capability: manufactured in three regions


Material:  Steel

Process:  Conventional PM