Known Consigner up from April 25th

6/6/2013 1:00 AM
Powder Metallurgy

In time to the due date on April 29th 2013 GKN Sinter Metals Filters received the license for the title “known consigner” from LBA.

Since September 11th 2013 all air freight shipments are protected against unauthorized access by third parties in a special way. Up From 29th April 2013 the new rule for so-called "secure supply chain" of the EU Air Safety Regulation are applicable. The "known consigner" is the title of the new EU security initiative in the fight against the international terrorism. The affected companies are from the industry sector, which are using the air freight shipments frequently. In Germany alone approximately 55,000 companies are affected by the new regulation.

In order to get the certification as a “known consigner”, GKN Sinter Metals Filters had to create a security plan, which contains extensive protection of the facility area. This includes an appropriate procedure of entry control as well as training arrangements of the relevant employees. The site in Dahlienstrasse, Radevormwald employs 4 authorized persons for security matters and 55 trained and approved staff.

The consequences of a non-certification are extensive checking of the respective air freight shipment by X-ray before loading the goods in the air plane. This entails not only additional storing and X-ray costs, but also delays in delivery and quality losses due to opening and checking the package.

At an average number of 250 air freight shipments and a weight of 90 tons per year Filters can safe approximately EUR 180,000 per year. It is to mention that this does not include air mails, courier and sea freights, yet. This is only related to air freight shipments, which are picked up from assigned freight forwarders only.