Capabilities in powder metallurgy

PM Today

The majority of PM products are manufactured using the “Conventional” method pioneered in the 1930’s. Improvements in materials and processes has resulted in a new class of high performance, consistent, competitive and creative product. READ MORE

Soft Magnetic PM

Growing demand for electric motors and electro-mechanical systems has highlighted a need for new design and material solutions. PM technology and new soft magnetic materials enable engineers to develop smaller products with improved performance. READ MORE

Aluminium PM

New PM Aluminium materials developed by GKN are challenging paradigms about material performance offering a new option to engineers when weight reduction and performance improvement are priorities.  READ MORE

Surface Densified PM

A new PM technology that enables high density performance where required, without the weight penalty of fully dense products. This is an ideal process for complex, highly stressed gears requiring high performance and light weight. READ MORE

Porous Metal Filters

Filters and associated components based on GKN’s controlled porosity materials are depended on in a wide variety of demanding applications where traditional filters are unable to deliver the required performance. READ MORE

Metal Injection Moulding

Delivering the three dimensional shape capability of plastic injection moulding combined with the performance of alloy steels, stainless steels and high temperature alloys, MIM is uniquely positioned to solve extreme product challenges. READ MORE


GKN Sinter Metals offers the broadest material selection in the industry to meet a wide range of needs, including Aluminium, Alloy and Stainless Steel, Iron, Bronze, Brass, Composites and High Temperature alloys.   READ MORE

Prototyping in AM

In a competitive environment, speed is a crucial enabler - getting your solution to the market first is a clear advantage. GKN's additive manufacturing capabilities are allowing us and our partners to develop products more rapidly.                         READ MORE

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