Hoeganaes Corporation produces iron powders which have long been used in the production of consumables for a variety of welding processes. Iron powder additions in coated "stick" electrodes for SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) increase the efficiency of the weld deposit, while the flux protects and removes impurities from the molten weld puddle. Iron powders are also a key component of consumables for FCAW (flux cored arc welding). In these products, iron powder, fluxes, and other metallic additions are fed onto a metal strip, the sides of which are formed to produce metal sheath. During the welding process, the weld metal is typically either protected by a gas shield, or by gases generated from the fluxes.

Hoeganaes' atomized iron powders are well suited for these applications. High purity iron is needed to insure that the weld deposit is of the proper chemical analysis. Similarly, low residual levels of oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and hydrogen are critical to the integrity of the weld. Controlled, consistent particle size is also necessary to maintain repeatable behavior of the product during welding operations. For flux or metal cored wires, it is essential that particle size adhere to tight specifications, as the presence of large particles have the potential to cause breaks in the wire spool as it is drawn down.

Hoeganaes' grade ATW-432 is recommended for most coated electrode applications, and for larger diameter cored wires. For finer diameter cored wires, Ancorsteel® 1000 will meet most requirements. It may be possible to provide a customized product for a given application. Please contact Hoeganaes' Application Engineering Department to determine if there is a product that will meet your specific needs for your unique application.

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