​​Green Scrap Recycling

Hoeganaes Corporation has two facilities which provide the PM Industry the opportunity for green scrap recycling.

ARC Metals in North America and Hoeganaes Corporation's Huckeswagen Facility in Germany purchase unsintered or "green" parts from the Powdered Metal industry. The green parts are put into a crusher, where they are pulverized into powder form. The powder is then screened to eliminate the potential of oversized materials and put through a separator to remove non-ferrous materials from the powder.

After these three steps have been performed, the powder is nearest its original form. A full chemical and physical analysis is performed. The material is then blended into customer specific and / or MPIF standard specifications.

Recycled powder applications range from white goods, through lawn and garden to automotive. Special consideration is given to maintaining consistency of apparent density and dimensional change. Specifications for standard remill grades are available at www.arcmetals.com​