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Hoeganaes Corporation, a world leader in the development of metal powders, has been the driving force behind the growth in the Powder Metallurgy industry for over 65 years. Hoeganaes has fueled that
growth with successive waves of technology, now expanding the use of metal powders to include
Additive Manufact​uring applications.​​


AncorTi™​ is a gas-atomized spherical powder for applications in additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, and hot isostatic pressing.  Titanium alloys exhibit a high strength to weight ratio with excellent corrosion resistance and are biocompatible. This range of properties makes the alloy a perfect candidate to manufacture parts for aerospace, medical, chemical and marine applications. Ti6Al4V is the most commonly used titanium alloy and is available is a range of particle sizes and purities including those that meet ASTM specifications.​​


AncorTi Beta 21S  is a gas atomized titanium alloy powder (UNS R58210). Beta 21S was originally developed as a matrix material for titanium metal matrix composites but the alloy has been utilized for Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Metal Injection Molding (MIM) due to its higher strength than conventional Ti6Al4V. The alloy also exhibits superior oxidation and creep resistance compared with conventional titanium alloys such as Ti15V3Cr. Beta 21S can also be age hardened to develop a range of strength and hardness levels.​


GKN Additive Launches Titanium Beta 21S Powder for Additive Manufacturing


GKN Hoeganaes Specialty Metal Powders, the advanced materials division of GKN Additive, has added AncorTi™ Beta 21S to its portfolio of AncorAM™ powders for additive manufacturing. Beta 21S titanium (UNS R58210) is a high strength, heat treatable, metastable beta titanium alloy. It is designed with the purpose of improving resistance to oxidation and creep, along with enhanced strength and stability in elevated temperatures. This range of properties makes the alloy a perfect candidate to manufacture parts for aerospace, medical, chemical and marine applications. AncorTi™ Beta 21S is available in particle sizes optimized for Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) AM machines.

AncorAM™ metal powders are produced on full production scale processing equipment and have been engineered with alloy chemistry and powder characteristics specifically designed for additive manufacturing, focusing on final product consistency. AncorTi™ Beta 21S joins AncorTi™ CP and AncorTi™ 6Al4V as well as a host of nickel and ferrous based powder in the AncorAM™ product line.  GKN Additive continues to develop new powder alloys for additive manufacturing, including advanced titanium powders, specialized nickel-based alloys, and nickel-titanium powders engineered for use in advanced medical devices.

GKN has been a global leader in AM for decades, with aerospace components produced, certified and flying on seven major platforms today, and AM parts driving in today’s cars.

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GKN Hoeganaes begins production of titanium powder for additive manufacturing in the USA

Cinnaminson, NJ - USA:  GKN Hoeganaes, a global leader in the production of high quality metal powders, has started production at its additive manufacturing powder facility co-located with its Powder Innovation Center in Cinnaminson, NJ - USA.  This new powder atomizing facility is part of the joint venture with TLS Technik of Germany announced last year and provides customers with a North American source for titanium and other specialized powders for additive manufacturing. 

This brand new facility now serves as the USA production hub for AncorAM™ powder products and includes full scale atomizing and powder finishing for titanium alloys and other specialty powders for metal additive manufacturing. The dedicated additive manufacturing powder production lines are housed in a 10,000 ft2 (930 m2) state of the art facility that is fully climate controlled for quality and consistency.  The advanced powder atomizing process uses a proven refractory-free melting method to produce very high purity powders suitable for Aerospace and Medical applications.  All production is certified and completed according to the AS9100 quality management system with medical quality management system certification now underway.

AncorAM™ metal powders are produced on full production scale processing equipment and have been engineered with alloy chemistry and powder characteristics specifically designed for additive manufacturing, focusing on final product consistency.  Powders for both selective laser melting and electron beam melting additive manufacturing are available.  Standard titanium powder grades now available include AncorTi™ CP and AncorTi™ 6Al4V as well as a host of nickel and ferrous based powder.  Additionally, GKN Hoeganaes is developing a family of new powder alloys for additive manufacturing including advanced titanium powders to be used in applications that require high oxidation-resistance, specialized nickel-based alloys to be for high temperature applications, and nickel-titanium powders engineered for use in advanced medical devices.

Peter Oberparleiter – CEO, GKN Powder Metallurgy commented “The launch of titanium powder production is a key part of GKN’s continued drive to offer a comprehensive set of products, services and technologies that enable the growth of metal additive manufacturing into a major industry and positions GKN Hoeganaes to enable its customers to launch demanding additively manufactured components for aerospace and medical applications.”​

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About GKN Hoeganaes: GKN Hoeganaes is a world leader in the production of high quality atomized metal powders for more than 60 years, is wholly owned by GKN plc, and operates as part of GKN’s Powder Metallurgy division.  GKN Hoeganaes has production facilities throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia.​​

GKN and EOS collaborate to transform Metal AM into digital manufacturing​

Qualification of new materials and parts and strengthening market position are key goals.

GKN Powder Metallurgy, the world leader in powder metallurgy, has joined forces with EOS, the global technology and quality leader in high-end additive manufacturing (AM), to lead the way in business-to-business industrial 3D printing. The two technology leaders agreed on a collaboration, primarily aimed at the automotive market, that integrates both companies’ excellent positions in their markets.
GKN Powder Metallurgy brings expertise in the transfer of innovative technology from laboratory level to series production, particularly in the automotive sector, capabilities in advanced material and design as well as experience in developing and producing advanced metal powder materials.
As a pioneer and innovator for holistic solutions in AM, EOS offers all essential elements for industrial 3D printing. Systems, materials and process parameters are intelligently harmonized to ensure a reliable high part quality.
By GKN and EOS combining their know-how and experience and thanks to the global footprint of both partners, companies can fully exploit the revolutionary possibilities and potential offered by Metal AM. This is fully embedded in GKN’s digital factory approach and the next big step towards the future of series Metal AM production for automotive applications.

Tap potential in production, research new materials

“Metal AM has huge potential to shape the future of industrial manufacturing and its products, and elevating this to a new level. EOS and GKN will take on this challenge together. We want to ensure that more and more companies recognize and use the potential of this innovative technology. At the same time, we want to considerably expand the areas of application with new materials by testing and ultimately using them in series production,” says Dr. Peter Oberparleiter, CEO GKN Powder Metallurgy. 

Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of EOS, states: “The collaboration between GKN and EOS is another important step towards integrating industrial 3D printing into existing and future production lines and to leverage the benefits of AM technology for series production. With GKN we have the right partner who offers a high degree of experience with its global presence and its high-performance production for the automotive industry.”​ 

​Hoeganaes Corporation: A global leader in metal powder production targets Additive Manufacturing

The growth in metal Additive Manufacturing has attracted a wide range of companies to enter the market to supply metal powders, however few have the track record of Hoeganaes Corporation in the production of powders for industrial parts production. In the following article the company reports on the development of gas atomised titanium powders for metal AM, along with the its ambitions to introduce more cost effective water atomised powders that have the potential to help the industry move towards higher volume production.

Download the latest issue of Metal AM Magazine to read the full article on pages 71-74.

Metal AM Magazine


​Hoeganaes Corporation Introduces Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing

Hoeganaes Corporation, based in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, USA, has launched AncorAM™, a new product line of metal powders engineered for Additive Manufacturing. The first offering in this series includes AncorTi™ titanium powder. Available in Ti6Al4V alloy and commercially pure grades, AncorTi is a spherical powder for applications in Additive Manufacturing, Metal Injection Moulding and Hot Isostatic Pressing.

See the entire article here: Metal AM Magazine​ ​


Hoeganaes Sponsors AM3D Conference on Additive Manufacturing

Hoeganaes Corporation is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of ASME’s AM3D Conference on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. The conference takes place August 2-5, 2015 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. The AM3D Conference and Expo, co-located with the ASME 2015 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE 2015) is the only cross-industry event designed specifically for the engineering community.

Hoeganaes, the world leader in the development and production of atomized metal powders, will present its AncorAM™ metal powders designed specifically for Additive Manufacturing. In particular, they will discuss AncorTi™, a spherical Ti6Al4V titanium alloy powder engineered for AM applications. 

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