SinteredHoeganaes' iron powders are magnetic, which opens the door to many applications. From simple magnets, to induction heating of plastics, photocopy developers to seed separation, Hoeganaes' iron powders can be used in a wide variety of applications. Those made from the phosphorus alloys have higher resistivity, permeability and induction, and reduced coercive force. The presence of phosphorus also decreases the susceptibility of a P/M component to nitrogen aging. Ancorsteel phosphorus alloys are produced by making ferrophosphorus additions to the highly compressible iron powders Ancorsteel 1000B or Ancorsteel 1000C. Components made from the phosphorus alloys exhibit a good combination of tensile strength, ductility, and impact absorption energy. The Hoeganaes products Ancorsteel 45P and Ancorsteel 80P contain 0.45 and 0.80 weight % (w/o) phosphorus respectively. Typical applications for parts made from Ancorsteel phosphorus alloys include speed sensors, magnetic solenoids and plungers.

AncorLam®A high performance insulated particle material suitable for a variety of soft magnetic applications that require low core losses. Specific applications include ignition system components, electric motor components, solenoids, and inductors.​

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