Hoeganaes Corporation to Present at APMA 2015, The 3rd International Conference on Powder Metallurgy in Asia, November 8-10, 2015 in Kyoto, Japan

11/5/2015 12:00 AM

​​​​​​The following is the abstract of the Hoeganaes Corporation paper to be presented at APMA 2015:

Warm Die Compaction with Reduced Lubricant Levels Promoting Higher Green and Sintered Densities

Author:  Francis Hanejko
             Hoeganaes Corporation


Achieving enhanced mechanical properties in ferrous PM is accomplished via attaining high sintered densities with the proper alloy system.  Significant experimental work has been done to quantify the lubricant requirements enable high green densities.  Described in this paper is a new multi-component lubricant system engineered to enable PM part production with lubricant levels of 0.25 weight per-cent for components having an overall length of up to 20 mm.  This new lubricant system enables green and sintered densities in excess of 7.4 g/cm³ at compaction pressures of approximately 750 MPa.  Details of the processing and resulting mechanical properties will be presented.  This new advanced premixing technology is currently being utilized in the production of high density automotive and non-automotive ferrous components. ​