About Us

Hoeganaes Corporation, founded in 1953, has a network of companies encircling the globe. This international focus, combined with our own manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia, along with marketing representatives around the world, enables us to serve customers effectively on a global basis.​​​​​​​​​
  • What we do

    Since our beginning, Hoeganaes’ primary mission has been simple yet vital: anticipate and serve our customers’ needs. Through the continuing support of our customers, Hoeganaes Corporation has led the industry in developing products and processes that allow the production of parts with more complex geometries, higher densities, and improved dynamic properties. 
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  • Vision and strategy

    Our Vision as a global powder supplier is to focus on innovation and value that exceed customer expectations, maximize shareholder value, develop our employees, and continue to be responsible members of our community and protectors of our environment. Our Strategy is to expand the market for metal powders with continuous advancements in technology, quality, and service resulting in value for our customers, our shareholders, and our employees. 
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  • Health and Safety

    The health and safety of our employees and of all others who may be affected by our business is of the utmost priority. Hoeganaes Corporation is committed to providing a safe working environment that supports accident prevention and minimizes exposure to health risks and sets objectives along with a system of review. Our aim is to eliminate work related illnesses and injuries. Hoeganaes Corporation complies with the requirements of the legislation in each jurisdiction in which we operate and, through our continuous improvement culture we will strive for "zero accidents". 
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  • Get in contact

    Whether it is to discuss existing products and capabilities or to ask for our expertise in support of a new project or opportunity, get in touch.