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GKN to lead the ice protection technology

  GKN Aerospace   The recent announcement that GKN Aerospace Luton has been nominated for a Clean Skies award creates an opportunity to focus on how ice protection technology is moving into aero engines and how new manufacturing technology is supporting this.

Why aircraft windows have holes

  GKN Aerospace   GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems (ATS) has been the leading manufacturer of acrylic aircraft windows, including passenger cabin windows, for more than six decades.

Wings of the future

  GKN Aerospace   GKN Aerospace is helping lead the way in wing design for future aircraft. It is participating in a number of UK research programmes focused on using new manufacturing technologies and more cost effective processes to create lighter, more fuel efficient aircraft.

Working to Engineer a Better World

  GKN Aerospace   GKN Aerospace has identified processes that could reduce by 20% the cost of manufacture and assembly of a typical composite box structure, and is progressing a variety of emerging composite and metallic manufacturing and assembly technologies and processes.

A350 XWB rear wing spar

  GKN Aerospace   Rear wing spars are now making their way from GKN’s Western Approach facility in Bristol, UK, to the Airbus facility in Broughton, where it is assembling the composite wings for the A350 XWB aircraft.

Engine systems

  GKN Aerospace   Cutting edge composite know-how and advanced metallic technologies are driving the development of aero engines.


  GKN Aerospace   Coatings are applied to many every day products to help improve their functionality, for example non-stick coatings keep your eggs from sticking to the frying pan.

Reducing aircraft emissions

  GKN Aerospace   In the on-going struggle against climate change, the aerospace industry is looking for ways to actively reduce the environmental impact of the sector as it faces tough regulations to reduce its carbon footprint.

The importance of technology

  GKN Aerospace   Substantial investment in research and development together with high levels of technical innovation give GKN Aerospace differentiation and a platform for growth.

Pushing boundaries in composites

  GKN Aerospace   The use of composite structures in aerospace is dramatically increasing. GKN is committed to continuing to develop technologies that maximise the performance benefits of optimised composite architectures.

Growing metallic components

  GKN Aerospace   The way metallic structures for aircraft are manufactured is changing and GKN is well positioned to lead this change.

Niche technologies

  GKN Aerospace   GKN is developing a number of specialist technologies that add differentiation to a product by improving its functionality. These specialist technologies give GKN differentiation and will be an important part of the multi functional product solutions of the future.

The growth of composites

  GKN Aerospace   Composite parts manufacture has undergone a transformational change in recent years. Structures that were traditionally fabricated in metal and subsequently hand laid in composites are now being designed and developed for semi-automated composite production methods.

From cabins to canopies

  GKN Aerospace   GKN designs and manufactures windscreens, canopies and cabin glass, collectively known as transparencies, for an array of civil and defence applications.

Metallics for modern aircraft

  GKN Aerospace   Metal is the traditional material used in the manufacture of aircraft components and, whilst the use of composites is growing, there remain many applications relating to both the airframe and engine, where metallics provide a superior solution.