GKN Aerospace Precision Machining, Inc. has been at aviation’s epicenter since 1966. Precision Machining is an expert in complex machining of key metallic structures and large assemblies on major aircraft programs today, including large wing skins and control surfaces, for Commercial, General Aviation and DoD platforms.

GKN Aerospace is responsible for producing the section 41 floor module for Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner. The floor module is delivered to Spirit AeroSystems, from our Precision Machining site at Wellington, Kansas. This module is an integrated structure including over 26,000 components including various systems components.

This complex machining and assembly experience provides us with the exposure to technologies and processes that allow us to produce high performance products at the lowest cost and lowest risk. GKN Aerospace Precision Machining, Inc. is a customer focused and quality driven organization which aggressively pursued and obtained an AS9100: Rev C recommendation and certification within six months of Rev C becoming effective.

GKN Aerospace Precision Machining, Inc. has 245,000 square feet of space and employs 220 people.