​Passenger cabin windows


GKN Aerospace is the world leader in passenger cabin window design development and manufacturing. At the core of our success is our proprietary abrasion resistant coating CrystalVue II™. Today over 2 million CrystalVue II™ coated windows are in service worldwide and our passenger windows are the product of choice for aircraft manufacturers and airlines worldwide. In addition to our position on legacy programs GKN Aerospace has been selected to supply cabin windows for all recently launched commercial aircraft programmes.


  • Improved light transmission and optical clarity
  • Passive coatings or micro screens prevent electromagnetic interference

Aircraft deployed on

  • Design, development and production of Boeing 787, 747-8;  Airbus A350 XWB; Bombardier CSeries; Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation MRJ
  • 100% of Boeing production since 1996
  • Airbus long range since 2005