GKN Aerospace has been an industry leader in the design, certification and manufacturing of military canopies for over 60 years. Today we lead the market in development of advanced canopies systems such as F-22 and F-35 Lightning II. Our technical capability for developing advanced low observable coatings and proprietary lamination processes has allowed GKN Aerospace to maintain a strong position in the market. Our continued investments in research and development are focused on reducing the life cycle costs of existing canopies.


  • Best in class coating development and testing
  • Ability to achieve superior optics on complex shapes
  • Proprietary software for predictive optical analysis
  • Canopy repair refurbishment and framing services

Aircraft deployed on

  • Lockheed Martin - F-35 Lightning II (JSF), F-22 Raptor
  • Boeing – F-15 Eagle, F/A-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier II
  • Eurofighter – Typhoon
  • Panavia – Tornado
  • Saab – JAS-39 Gripen

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