GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading provider of military transparency systems and second in the commercial aircraft transparency market. Our industry leading development of advanced transparent coatings and vertically integrated supply of aerospace grade acrylic material are some of the keys to our strong market position. Along with a well established competence in high strength light weight glass technologies. We also offer a full range of capability for design, analysis, testing and certification of military canopies, cockpit windows and passenger windows. Our diverse range of products has provided the opportunity to establish collaborative relationships with all major aircraft OEM’s and many commercial and military aircraft operators.

GKN Aerospace’s capability to jointly develop requirements with our customers, utilise proprietary design and analysis tools for achieving those requirements and deliver a qualified product through our development, testing and certification processes is seen as a key differentiator for our transparency business. As our customers continue to demand more from their aircraft transparencies, we are well positioned to meet the requirements of today's modern aircraft and our variety of product and customers demonstrates that.

GKN Aerospace’s transparency capability supports the full range of aircraft in today’s market. From supersonic military applications like the F-35 Lightning II (JSF) canopy and the Eurofigher Typhoon to the latest in commercial aircraft transparencies such as the B747-8 cockpit window and B787 passenger windows. In addition to supporting the most advanced aircraft entering service today, we also support a variety of passenger aircraft, business aviation, and special mission aircraft with mature fleets and the need for aftermarket support. All three of GKN Aerospace's transparency manufacturing sites offer certified repair station services for commercial and military application and provides global support to aircraft operators with comprehensive component overhaul services and factory new replacement windows.​