The experience we have gained from the development and manufacturing of high-performance LH2 and LOX turbines for all versions of the Vulcain engine, has made us the leading company in turbine technology in Europe. All of the turbines developed and built by GKN Aerospace have completed their mission to fullest satisfaction, delivering power with faultless reliability. We are today also involved in the development and manufacturing of the turbines for both the LH2 and LOX turbo pumps for the Vinci expander cycle engine, which is Europe's latest rocket engine to be developed.

Our specialties are turbines of both sub-, trans- and supersonic type. Our turbine concept incorporates cost-effective design approaches, like blisk technology and cast static parts.

We have capacity for both serial- and single unit manufacturing. Our production facilities include EB-, TIG- and laser welding, a wide range of machine operations, thermal spray coating, as well as support from our own material laboratories.

Examples of our manufacturing capabilities are:

  • High-speed milling machines for advanced precision work
  • Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment
  • NC machining 
  • Sheet metal forming of structures 
  • A diversity of non-destructive testing technologies

We have also access to an extensive supplier network supplementing our needs.


  • GKN Aerospace is well prepared for the next generation of the Ariane product through the development of turbines for the Vinci expander cycle engine and TPX technology
  • We are the centre of excellence for LH2 and LOX-turbines in Europe
  • Very experienced design team
  • World leading technologies demonstrated in flight or to TRL 6 in full scale turbopump tests
  • Production experience of over 300 turbines

Platforms deployed on

  • Ariane 5 Rocket – Vulcain 2 Engine LH2 and LOX turbines


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