We have been manufacturing combustion chambers and nozzles inside the Ariane programme since 1972. Today we are the manufacturer of the nozzle extension for both the Vulcain 1 and the Vulcain 2 engine for the Ariane 5 rocket. Today our offer includes the following four types of nozzles:

  • Radiation cooled sheet metal nozzles
  • Supersonic injection cooled nozzles
  • Dump cooled nozzles 
  • Regeneratively cooled nozzles

We have capacity for both serial- and single unit manufacturing. Our production facilities include EB-, TIG- and laser welding, a wide range of machine operations, thermal spray coating, as well as support from our own material laboratories.

Examples of our manufacturing capabilities are:

  • High-speed milling machines for advanced precision work
  • Laser welding capability of structures as large as 3x3x3 meters
  • Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment of structures up to 2.5 m in diam.
  • NC machining of structures up to 2.8 m in diam. 
  • Sheet metal forming of structures up to 2.8 m in diam.
  • A diversity of non-destructive testing technologies
  • Measuring machines for components up to 3x3x4 meters

We have also access to an extensive supplier network supplementing our needs.


  • GKN Aerospace is well prepared for the next generation of the Ariane product through the development of the unique sandwich nozzle technology
  • We are the centre of excellence for metallic extension nozzles in Europe
  • Very experienced design team
  • World leading technologies demonstrated in flight or to TRL 6 in full scale hot firings

Production experience of over 1000 nozzles.

Platforms deployed on:

  • Ariane 5 Rocket – Vulcain 2 engine nozzle extension

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