From the beginning, we have participated in the European Ariane launcher programme with the production of the thrust chambers for the Viking rocket engines and the Vulcain rocket engines. Today we play a growing role in the development of the world's future space transportation systems mainly through assignments from ESA, European Space Agency, such as Ariane 5.

Our main activities in the space technology field cover six general areas:

  • Programme management for propulsion subsystems
  • Development of engine subsystems and components
  • System analysis of engines and transportation systems
  • State of the art analysis on aero/thermodynamics and structural mechanics
  • Advanced production in metallic materials, including advanced process simulation
  • Thermal barrier coating

Our main product specialities are:

  • High thrust nozzles from: sheet metal; welded tube wall; laser welded channel wall
  • Turbines, sub-, trans-, supersonic: blade or blisk type

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