​Nozzle & exhaust


GKN Aerospace is responsible for the complete design, development, manufacture, assembly and certification of a number of turbofan exhaust systems.

Our propulsion systems facilities have been building exhaust structures from difficult-to-work-with alloys for many years. Some examples include the J58 Diffuser for the SR-71 Blackbird (inconel 718), fuel nozzles for the C-5 A&B aircraft, an afterburner segment in inconel 625, TF-39/L2500 engine fuel nozzles in inconel 718 amongst others.

We work closely with customers such as General Electric and Pratt & Whitney to concurrently engineer vectoring exhaust nozzle transition structures for YF-22 and YF-23 aircraft and we are currently manufacturing the F119 vectoring exhaust nozzle transition duct made from a Beta titanium alloy for the F-22 aircraft.

GKN Aerospace also builds launch vehicle nozzles from columbium and inconel 718 for platforms such as Aerojet, Pratt & Whitney, and Rocketdyne in our vertically integrated facilities.


  • Implementation of new technologies to offer enhanced performance as well as weight and cost benefits
  • GKN Aerospace can build on previous design and build experience of nacelles
  • Fully established supply chain

Aircraft deployed on

  • Large commercial - Airbus A330, Boeing 747, 757, 777
  • Business jet – Bombardier CRJ700
  • Military – Lockheed Martin SR-71, C-5 Galaxy

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