GKN Aerospace developed and is the sole vendor to date of the “spun and machined lipskin”. The manufacturing process is superior to traditional manufacturing methods of draw forming, bulge forming and drop hammering of these parts because it delivers a more precise dimensioned and better fitting part than traditional manufacturing methods. Spinning and machining a lipskin reduces the manufacturing time, requires much lower tooling costs and produces a precision machined part that fits every time.


  • More precise dimensioned part
  • Reduces manufacturing time
  • Lower tooling costs
  • One piece construction available

Aircraft Deployed On

  • Boeing 737 MAX
  • Boeing 737 MAX demonstrator & EDP
  • Boeing 747-8
  • Boeing 777-X
  • Boeing KC 46 tanker
  • Bombardier Regional jet
  • Aircelle Silvercrest
  • Aircelle Lear jet
  • GE Passport 20
  • Legacy programs: MD-80, Boeing 777 and certain Boeing 747 and 767 types


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