GKN Aerospace is responsible for the complete design, development, manufacture, assembly and certification of Inlets for turbofan and turboprop applications.

With the application of our technologies we can reduce inlet cost and weight whilst improving sound attenuation. GKN Aerospace also has the capability to meet new anti-icing requirements through the design and certification of both hot air and electro-thermal systems on metallic and composite inlets. Further advantage is gained through the integration of these features into the overall inlet structure.


  • Enhanced performance with weight and cost benefits through the implementation of new technologies.
  • GKN can build on previous design and build experience of Inlets
  • Fully established supply chain
  • Improved Acoustic performance
  • Fully certified solution
  • Testing capability

Aircraft Deployed On

  • Business Jet – G150, CL300, G280, Embraer 450/500
  • Regional – Dash 8 300, Dash 8 400
  • Military – A400M, C-27J, C-130J
  • Other - Bombardier 415 Water Bomber

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