​Fan duct


GKN Aerospace has experience in the design and certification of both inner and outer fan duct systems and integration into the engine.

Our fan ducts are designed and built in hard and soft metals and composite structures using both epoxy and BMI resin systems. In addition to this our experience in hybrid solutions allows the benefits of metallic and composite as well as the integration of acoustic liners to be incorporated.

GKN Aerospace is able to design and certify for all regulatory requirements as well as environmental, operational and in service considerations.


  • GKN Aerospace can build on previous design and build experience of fan ducts
  • Integrated acoustic liners
  • Ability to control the interfaces to all mating parts
  • Optimisation of weight
  • Use of advanced resin systems and manufacturing techniques

Aircraft deployed on

  • Business Jet – CL300, G280
  • PW610
  • RR Trent 1000

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