​External covers - fan cowl doors


GKN Aerospace is responsible for the complete design, development, manufacture, assembly and certification of a number of fan cowl doors on both turboprop and turbofan aircraft.

We are able to provide flexible design solutions for fan cowl doors, incorporating a number of materials required dependant on the conditions that it is exposed to, ranging from complex composite sandwich construction to waffle titanium structures used in high temperature applications.

GKN Aerospace has the capability to design, build and certify complete door solutions to include all furniture and takes into consideration all certification requirements such as ventilation, drainage, and lightning requirements. We work in conjunction with our customers to develop and exploit new technologies and manufacturing processes to allow more integrated structures offering weight and cost benefits.


  • Implementation of new technologies to offer enhanced performance as well as weight and cost benefits
  • GKN Aerospace can build on previous design and build experience of doors
  • Fully established supply chain
  • Fully certified solution
  • Testing capability
  • Innovative solutions

Aircraft Deployed On

  • Large Commercial - A330
  • Business Jet – G150, CL300, G280, Embraer 450/500
  • Regional – Dash 8 300, Dash 8 400
  • Military – A400M, C-27J, C-130J
  • Other - Bombardier 415 Water Bomber

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