​Integrated floor assemblies


GKN Aerospace is a principle partner to major OEM’s and Tier One suppliers providing components, structures and integrated floor systems. Floor system assemblies use the latest advanced tooling and assembly technologies and systems integration to provide a complete solution to our customers.

Floor systems are comprised of aluminium and titanium machined details, composite floor beams, fasteners and multiple environmental control systems (ECS). Using determinant assembly tool technology, GKN Aerospace has demonstrated a low cost, highly efficient assembly process that reduces tool count, manufacturing space, part flow and production time. System installation provides a turnkey solution allowing our customers to directly install a complete floor assembly into the fuselage. This solution eliminates out-of sequence steps, greatly reducing the potential for foreigh object damage (FOD) and provides and efficient process flow.


  • Greater accuracy, quality and repeatability
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Interchangeability (ICY)
  • Low cost assembly tooling
  • Reduced end-user integration time
  • Fully integrated systems

Aircraft deployed on

  • Large Commercial – Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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