​Fuselage detailed components


GKN Aerospace is a global leader in airframe components manufacturing, producing a comprehensive range of composite, metallic and hybrid bonding parts to meet the industries needs. Machined airframe parts include high-speed aluminium and complex titanium components for frames, bulkheads, ribs, longerons and stringers. With hundreds of machine spindles GKN Aerospace produces high volume, affordable details and assemblies to customer requirements. GKN Aerospace also has considerable depth and capability producing hybrid assemblies with metal-bond or composite-to-metal bonding.

Composite parts and assemblies are co-cured and co-bonded using precision hand lay-up, automated fibre placement (AFP), automated tape laying (ATL), resin transfer moulding (RTM) and resin film infusion (RFI). Cured parts are trimmed and drilled in automated work cells and inspected using advanced NDI processes.

GKN Aerospace is a leader in advancing the use of out of the autoclave material systems and developing integrated fuselage structures.


  • Complex integrated structures
  • High rate manufacturing capability
  • Material selection for optimal performance
  • Technology insertion

Aircraft deployed on

  • Small commercial
  • Large commercial
  • Business jets
  • Regional jets
  • Rotorcraft
  • Fixed wing fighters
  • Military transport

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