Sea trays


The sea tray forms both a protective layer for the passenger/cargo area of the helicopter as well as the primary interface between the loadmaster/winchman and the helicopter. By nature it is a protective item and is supplied as a low cost item that reduces the effect and cost of wear and tear to the airframe in harsh environments.

Additionally the sea tray performs an important safety function in that it contains body fluids from casualties and reduces the chance of airframe ingress which creates both an accelerated corrosion opportunity and a health and safety issue.

GKN Aerospace floors have been fitted and operational in helicopters for more than 30 years with an aim to continuously improve waterproofing, safety, material resistance and ease of installation and removal for our customers.


  • Safety
  • Maintain integrity of the airframe for search and rescue (SAR) activities and wet conditions
  • Extra lightweight
  • Rapid installation and removal
  • Custom solutions / mission versatility

Aircraft deployed on

  • Military and para-public mission-type aircraft/helicopters

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