Roto-moulded fuel tanks


Roto-moulding is a high engineering based technology with robust manufacturing processes at a relatively low cost to the supply of fuel/liquid containment for all types of platforms.

Utilising GKN Aerospace’s extensive skills in material selection, products can be produced to low tolerance and in the most complex of shapes taking advantage of available space envelope in the vehicle with integrated optional components for the storage, distribution or movement of fuel.

Material selection is the key to long and continued service life for specific operational requirements and typical Battle Field Missions (BFMs) in the case of fighting vehicles - GKN Aerospace has the ability to offer MDP, HDP, CPE and high performance nylon based variants and has developed engineering based polymers to meet with all latest defence requirements for mechanical, mine blast, climatic and environmental survivability.


  • Corrosion free and stress free structure
  • European road legislation compliant
  • Lightweight with extreme g loading resistance
  • Optimise space, fuel volume availability and associated features
  • Resistant to damage and impacts
  • Withstand extremes of temperature and climatic conditions

Platforms deployed on

  • Armoured fighting vehicles
  • Main battle tanks
  • Military and para-public mission-type aircraft/helicopters
  • UAVs

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