​Flexible fuel tanks


GKN Aerospace supplies an extensive range of products for different types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, land vehicles, missiles, UAVs, torpedos and marine vessels, and has also designed, qualified and manufactured a variety of range extender tanks and auxiliary fuel tanks for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Meeting all international standards, optimum safety for occupants utilising the latest developments in technology.

GKN Aerospace - Alabama Fuel Systems (AFS), a division of GKN Westland Aerospace Inc. located in Tallassee, Alabama, USA, supports GKN Aerospace in the USA and is available to assist customers in North America for military and civil programmes.


  • Extensive design and manufacturing capabilities across fuel tanks and cells, including bladders, crashworthy, self-sealing, range extenders and ballistic tolerant rotationally moulded tanks
  • Turnkey packages from fuel storage to engine feed – lightweight and flexible
  • Comprehensive emergency life raft and floatation system capabilities
  • Ability to support composite sub-assembly and repairs
  • Full qualification inclusive of on-site crash impact testing

Platforms deployed on

  • Armoured fighting vehicles / main battle tanks
  • Military and civil helicopters
  • UAVs

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