​Emergency flotation devices


For over 35 years GKN Aerospace has supplied emergency flotation equipment for a range of military and civil helicopters worldwide.

We continue to develop new materials and fabrication techniques for this application and are a recognized authority in the specification, design, manufacture and qualification of complete emergency flotation systems, designed to FAR / JAR 27 and 29.

Our comprehensive services include initial stability investigations using computer simulation software, followed by dynamic scaled model tests, qualification approval testing and installation of production systems onto the helicopter. Our systems have evolved to meet the requirement for lighter weight with enhanced performance and reliability in service. This has been achieved through a continuing development of advanced technology materials for the fabrication of floats and subsystems.


  • Comprehensive capabilities from design through certification and manufacture
  • Advanced material and fabrication processes
  • Reduced weight
  • Enhanced performance and in-service reliability

Aircraft deployed on

  • Advanced Light Helicopter; Kaman SH-2G; AgustaWestland AW101, Sea King, Sea Lynx; Sikorsky Black Hawk, S-70A and S-92; Bell 205, 212, 412, 427 and UH-1H; Boeing CH-46E Sea Knight, MD 500 series and Mil 8 / 17

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