​Air portable fuel containers


Air Portable Fuel Containers (APFCs) have been developed by GKN Aerospace for the transfer of fuel, oil and other liquids. Fitted with intelligent filler/air bleed valve to eliminate the risk of explosion during filling (and to ensure maximum capacity is utilised) and designed to give maximum strength for minimum weight, GKN Aerospace’s APFCs are in active service with the UK MOD and other armed forces and agencies around the world. These fuel containers have been thoroughly proven in hostile environments and used in military operations to maintain fuel supply lines to the forward positions of the operational theatre. APFCs are capable of being underslung by helicopters, airlifted by transport aircraft or deployed by land vehicles. When empty, the containers are collapsible, which allows for easier transportation.


  • Rapid transportation by helicopters, transport aircraft or towed by land vehicles
  • Capacity: 430 gallons (1955 litres)
  • Lightweight
  • Collapses to only 12% of its filled volume when empty.
  • Air/multi droppable
  • Footprint load (520mbar)

Optional extras

  • Flexible inflatable bunding
  • Towing devices
  • Lifting devices
  • Modular kits available (APFC/pump/hosing)

Platforms deployed on

  • Primarily deployed for military helicopter, transport aircraft and land vehicles

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