Fuel tank repairs


Set up in response to the growing demand from the civil and paramilitary - as well as military - markets, GKN Aerospace caters for a single point of repair for all types of fuel tank to simplify and streamline the repair process.

As the leading global supplier of flexible fuel tanks and systems for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, GKN Aerospace provides full maintenance support for proprietary and customer products and includes inspection, leak repair and detection, fitting damage repair, repair of nitrile rubber and modern polyurethane materials, self-sealing and crashworthy fuel cell repair. This specialist expertise is now available to the broader market.


  • In-house component shop support
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • Highly trained and qualified aircraft technicians
  • One stop shop for all OEMs flexible fuel cells
  • Saves costs and reduces turnaround time
  • Engineered repair solutions
  • Civil and military operators, para-public organisations, etc.

Aircraft deployed on

  • Civil, military and para-public mission-type aircraft/helicopters

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