Working in close association with partners, for example, General Electric (Volvo RM12 engine in the Gripen aircraft), Pratt & Whitney (Volvo RM8 engine in the Viggen aircraft) or Rolls-Royce (Volvo RM6 engine in the Draken aircraft) gives the benefit of two companies' competences and resources whilst reducing costs.

Taking responsibility during an engine's entire life cycle, we are there throughout engine selection, development, production, assembling, testing, maintenance, repair and overhaul, product support and component improvement.

The Volvo RM12 powers the Gripen fighter. It is based on the General Electric F404 engine from which it has been developed to single engine safety criteria, higher performance and greater durability. The primary objective during development of the Gripen/Volvo RM12 system was to attain the highest possible operational effectiveness at the most favorable life-cycle cost.

The Gripen's first flight took place 1988 and the aircraft has been in service with the RM12 in the Swedish Air Force since 1997. ​

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