​Compressor rotors


Compressor rotors are highly stressed engine parts. This calls not only for effective and robust machining operations, but also for dedicated non-destructive testing procedures. As the rotors are made of titanium, particular care must be taken when machining them so that excessive heat generated by the cutting processes is diverted properly. Specially designed cooling techniques and the use of coolant feed tools as well as process monitors ensure a high and sustained level of quality.

Production verification is done in several steps using ultrasonic, fluorescent penetrant and blue etch inspections before final surface treatment at dedicated thermal spray facilities.

We are responsible for engineering and manufacturing on the CF6-80 engine program and are developing the GEnx booster spool.


  • GKN Aerospace has design and development engineering capabilities for manufacturing support of the CF6-80 and GEnx LPC spool
  • GKN Aerospace has over 30 years of experience of manufacturing of LPC and HPC spools
  • World-class leadtimes

Aircraft deployed on

  • Airbus A330 – General Electric CF6-80
  • Boeing 747 – General Electric CF6-80
  • Boeing 747-8 – General Electric GEnx
  • Boeing 767 – General Electric CF6-80
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner – General Electric GEnx
  • Boeing MD80 – Pratt & Whitney JT8D

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