​Core engine ducts


GKN Aerospace's Unistructure™ technology has been applied with great success to core engine ducts with high vibration and pressure load requirements. Unistructure™ designs leverage lower part count to offer comparable weight to composites for significantly less cost, designs incorporate titanium, nickel, aluminium and stainless steel solutions.


  • 25% to 40% weight reduction over skin / stringer designs
  • No minimum gauge thickness
  • Cost reduction over composites design equivalent
  • Ease of inspection and lower risk of stress cracks
  • Reduced part count and durability with reduced assembly labour

Aircraft deployed on

  • Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey – Rolls-Royce 2100 compressor case

  • Cessna Citation X – Rolls-Royce 3000 compressor case

  • Embraer 135/145 – Rolls-Royce 3000 compressor case

  • Lockheed Martin C-130J – Rolls-Royce 2100 compressor case

  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II (JSF) – Pratt & Whitney F135 front compressor case

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