Transparent materials


GKN Aerospace is a world leader in the supply of transparencies to the military and civil markets. With a global reputation for its technologies, patents and proprietary processes in glass, acrylic and polycarbonate, GKN Aerospace is able to offer optimum solutions to the transparencies market including superior optics, bird impact resistance up to 600 knots, shock hazard elimination, ice and fog removal, framing and refurbishment.


  • Complete suite of materials and advanced manufacturing processes including:
    • Casting and stretching of Mil Spec acrylic sheet
    • Thermal and chemical tempered high strength glass
    • Advanced interlayers
    • Advanced coatings
    • Automated processes
    • Trademarked materials include Acrivue acrylic sheet, 1020 and Chemplex glasses and CrystalVue coatings

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