Fan blade repairs

GKN Aerospace has been in business repairing fan blades for over 30 years. Our facilities in El Cajon, California, have over 60,000 square feet devoted to repair services. We have a customer base of over 245 organisations. Product lines support fan blades and other miscellaneous components for CFMI, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce, airlines, MRO facilities, material suppliers, USAF and the US Navy.

We have full in-house capability as a one stop shop. We can also apply protective coatings including HVOF tungsten carbide and several other coatings fully approved by CFMI, GE, PWA and Honeywell. As an independent repair source, GKN Aerospace can assure that our customers receive the highest level of attention with reliable high quality turntimes and excellent customer support.