Commercial Engines


We know that the ability to minimise downtime is absolutely crucial to operators in today’s markets. To meet this demand we believe in close cooperation in combination with creating tailored engine maintenance solutions and flexible contractual alternatives.

We have service teams on standby for on-site support and around-the-clock technical service, as well as readily available lease engines. With more than forty years in the business, we’ve become highly skilled when it comes to work in the field.

We focus on the PW100 and TFE731 engines with an array of airworthiness approvals that allow us to readily accept engines from all around the world.


We are an authorised Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) designated overhaul facility since 1989. Our services range from minor repair, hot section inspection and major refurbishment to full overhaul; with capabilities including PW120/A, PW121/A, PW123/B/C/D/E/AF, PW124B, PW125B, PW126/A, PW127/B/C/D/E/F/G/J/M.

We can also provide proactive engine condition monitoring through our cooperation with the PWC designated analysis centre DETA (Danish Engine Trend Analyzing), specialised in engine condition trend monitoring.

A range of contractual solutions can be offered and tailored to your demands: e.g. event cost plan or traditional time and material. Many customers choose an engine flight hour agreement for their PW100-fleet - a successful risk reducing strategy which brings control and predictability to maintenance costs.

We also develop a number of component repairs to further reduce costs for our customers. More information can be found in the download section to the right.

We are a member of ERA (European Regions Airlines Association).


More than 1500 Honeywell TFE731 engines have passed through our shop since 1982, giving us vast experience and an impressive reputation for quality and reliability.

Naturally, we are highly committed to serving you as a Honeywell authorised heavy maintenance facility. As such, we can provide full support to MSP operators and administrate any OEM warranty issues. For non-MSP operators, we offer flexible customised workscopes.

We are a member of the EBAA (European Business Aviation Association).