​Wing box & covers


GKN Aerospace offers full design, development, manufacture, assembly and certification expertise for metallic and composite wing modules, as well as the integration of their associated systems.

GKN Aerospace invests heavily in leading edge manufacturing processes such as automated tape laying (ATL) and automated fibre placement (AFP), and houses some of the world’s largest long-bed gantry machines to manufacture products such as wing skins, and is actively engaged in research and development programs that will continue to enhance the overall performance of these components, such as natural laminar flow, close tolerance jointing and advanced coating applications.


  • Higher levels of accuracy, quality and repeatability using highly automated processes
  • Enhanced weight and performance gains
  • Global infrastructure and supply chain
  • Highly integrated products

Aircraft deployed on

  • Large Commercial – Airbus A330 and A340
  • Regional – Embraer 190
  • Business Jet – Cessna Citation X
  • Military – Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, F-18
  • UAV – Northrop Grumman X-47B

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