Wing and empennage structures


GKN Aerospace provides full design, development, manufacture, assembly, integration and certification of primary and secondary structures and components across civil, military and UAV platforms.

Our breadth of expertise in metallic and composite materials, automated manufacturing processes, such as fibre placement (AFP) and tape lay (ATL), and assembly technologies ensures we achieve best value for our global customer base We deliver high performance products such as leading and trailing edges, wing boxes and vertical and horizontal tail planes. We are also leaders in primary structures and components including spars, wing skins, control surfaces, winglets, gear ribs, pintle fittings and detail components.

GKN Aerospace is also well placed to support the future generation of aircraft, and is engaged in multiple R&D programs across metallic and composite box structures, novel manufacturing processes (such as friction stir welding) & performance enhancements such as natural laminar flow and ice phobic coatings. In addition GKN Aerospace is a world leader in electro-thermal ice protection systems which are embedded into the aircraft’s leading edge structure, enabling us to offer our customers a truly integrated wing structure.