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From this page you can search for parts by aircraft type.  Please click on the relevant aircraft for up to date information on parts currently in work.  For information on their availability please contact us.

Item Description Aircraft Type Quantity
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D5746059800000Z SLAT 5 ASSY LH A320 1
D5746059800100Z SLAT 5 ASSY RH A320 1
D577-50004-000-00Z SPOILER NO4 LH A320 1
D576-40000-008-00Z AILERON L/H A320 1
D523-71000-024T CARGO DOOR FWD A320 1
D553-70025-010-00N VERT. STABILIZER L.EDGE A320 1
D553-70026-010-00M VERT. STABILIZER L/EDGE A320 1
D528-80165-00095 MLG DOOR LH A320 1
D528-80165-00195 MLG DOOR RH A320 1
D553-70027-010-00N VERT. STABILIZER L/EDGE A320 1
D523-71900-104V CARGO DOOR REAR A320 1


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