This section collects together our latest brochures in pdf format for you to download. If you have any difficulties please contact us.

GKN Aerospace
A Global Technology Leader PDF (6.2 MB)
Aerostructures MRO
Aerostructures MRO Capability List (December 2016) PDF (93.6 KB)
C-130 Hercules B-H Parts List PDF (311.1 KB)
GKN Aerospace – Cowes – Component MRO and Customer Services PDF (2.1 MB)
Engine Systems
PW100 RGB Accessory Drive Cover Weld Build-up Repair PDF (248.4 KB)
PW100 Front Inlet Case Weld Build-up Repair PDF (193.1 KB)
TFE731 product sheet PDF (427.4 KB)
PW100 product sheet PDF (439.1 KB)
LM1600 product sheet PDF (348 KB)
DR990 product sheet PDF (341.3 KB)
Product Key – Engine Systems PDF (603.2 KB)
Engine Services - Capability List PDF (101.6 KB)
Boeing 737 Product Datasheet (Simplified Chinese) PDF (986 KB)
Airbus A320 Product Datasheet (Simplified Chinese) PDF (933.1 KB)
Boeing 737 Product Datasheet PDF (1022 KB)
Boeing 757 / 767 / 777 Product Datasheet PDF (1 MB)
A320 Family Product Datasheet PDF (993.9 KB)
King Air Windshield Product Datasheet PDF (524.7 KB)
Surfex 100TM Hydrophobic Rain Repellent Coating PDF (536.2 KB)
Aftermarket Services Product Datasheet PDF (1001.4 KB)
CrystalVue IITM Technical Supplement PDF (140.4 KB)
Flexible Fuel and Flotation Systems
GKN Aerospace - Fuel Tank Repairs (September 2011) PDF (236.8 KB)
GKN Aerospace - Advanced Systems and Equipment (September 2011) PDF (882.6 KB)