Revolutionary Airport Canopy Design from GKN Aerospace

3/22/2006 7:00 AM
Aerospace - Flexible Fuel and Flotation Systems

FPT Industries, a division of GKN Aerospace, is marketing a revolutionary new airport canopy to airports and bridge manufacturers at Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris, 21-23 March, 2006. See us in Hall 2, Booth 270.

FPT Industries has secured follow on orders for a new and unique airport canopy design which offers critical benefits to the end user in convenience, transportation, storage, cost of operation and support.

The flexible, modular design and construction of the new canopy means the customer can choose to purchase the complete canopy system (including both the frame and curtain) or the canopy curtain only. As the curtain is the element subject to most wear and tear during operational life, this gives the customer a highly practical and cost effective overhaul option.

The new design is also far more efficiently packaged than more traditional canopy systems. The complete FPT Industries system has 25% less shipping volume than comparable systems currently available on the market. This brings considerable reductions in transportation and storage costs.

John Pritchard, recently appointed Site Director of GKN Aerospace - FPT Industries, comments: “Having been a low volume independent supplier of airport canopies for many years, we have now entered the wider market with a product that we believe can make a claim to that overused word ‘unique’. We know our canopy offers the market many advantages in terms of cost and convenience and believe we are well positioned to expand our customer base with increased output in 2006.”

FPT Industries has undertaken extensive market surveys and believe there is a significant level of interest for both new and retrofit applications backed with interest from primary airport users such as the British Airports Authority.

FPT Industries specialises in the design and manufacture of aircraft and helicopter fuel cells, emergency flotation systems and specialist material applications such as airport canopies.