Fuel and emergency flotation technologies lead the GKN Aerospace display at Aero India, 2013

1/28/2013 12:00 PM
Aerospace - Flexible Fuel and Flotation Systems

Link to the show: Aero India

GKN Aerospace’s display at Aero India, 2013 (Hall B, Stand 4.15) is focused on developments across two of the company’s market-leading businesses: fuel systems and emergency flotation systems.

On display will be a rotationally moulded fuel tank supplied for land vehicles alongside a model of the for the AW101 helicopter fitted with a GKN Aerospace emergency flotation system.

Manufacturing both in the US and the UK, GKN Aerospace supplies full turnkey packages from fuel storage to engine feed, as well as flexible fuel bladders, crashworthy and self-sealing systems plus rotationally moulded tanks and range extender tanks incorporating explosive suppressant and anti-slosh technology. Process and materials developments mean even stronger, lighter systems are now exploiting all the available space on the platform to maximise fuel load and airframe endurance, whilst minimising weight.

For the military market, GKN Aerospace’s fuel system technology offers the most rapid self-sealing on the market, providing 7.62mm to 20mm round protection to all types of fuel containment systems. This ballistically tolerant technology is typically integrated at the design phase of a vehicle but can also be retro-fitted or externally fitted to ensure fuel supply is maintained throughout front line operations - and has been proved effective in service.

The emergency flotation system for the AW101 aircraft, recently procured by the Indian Government, will be displayed on a scaled aircraft model. GKN Aerospace is an authority on the specification, design, manufacture and qualification of complete emergency flotation systems, designed to FAR / JAR 27 and 29. The company also continues to develop new materials and fabrication techniques to meet vital requirements for lighter weight equipment with extended performance and reliability - offering improved safety for crew and passengers.

GKN Aerospace provides full maintenance support for its proprietary and customer products as well as to the broader market. This includes inspection, leak repair and detection and damage repair including repair of nitrile rubber and modern polyurethane materials, self-sealing and crashworthy fuel cells.

GKN Aerospace has over 35 years of experience working with Indian industry and government. One of the company’s main customers is Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and this relationship continues to grow following the establishment of a successful transfer of technology arrangement. GKN Aerospace also continues to explore new opportunities with a number of highly respected Indian companies and organisations.