GKN Aerospace - business aviation growth to continue following Stellex acquisition

10/16/2006 8:00 AM
Aerospace - Aerostructures

Business aviation activity to continue growth through 2007 following Stellex acquisition and management reorganisation. See us at NBAA, Orlando, FL, 17-19 October 2006, Booth 836.

With the restructuring of its management team complete, and the Stellex Aerostructures operation successfully incorporated into the business, Marcus Bryson, Chief Executive of GKN Aerospace, believes the Company is set to further increase its activity in the business aviation sphere.

Marcus Bryson comments: "We are a company with clear strategic objectives, a successful record of growth and a plan for further growth in the fast changing business aviation sector. 2005 and 2006 have been highly successful years for us and with our new management structure in place and the Stellex acquisition complete, we are confident that the pace of growth will increase in 2007 and beyond."

Bryson's new management structure is designed to create a close knit management team which will work to ensure the Company combines the benefits of a small, flexible and highly committed business, with a large scale, strong, and global operation that is able to offer an around-the-clock, 'follow the sun' operation.

Bryson continues:"The structure will flow greater levels of responsibility through the management structure of our growing Company, to give each business leader more autonomy and focus. It will enable us to predict and efficiently meet the fast-evolving needs of the highly dynamic aerospace markets in which GKN Aerospace operates - particularly the business aviation sector."

The acquisition of Stellex Aerostructures, based in the US, has extended GKN Aerospace's existing capability in complex metal machined parts and structural sub-assemblies production. This has balanced the Company’s world leading expertise in composite assembly manufacture with a similar expertise in titanium assembly production – particularly as a market leader in the production of monolithic structures.


New business has recently been gained in supplying metallic monolithic wing spars for business aircraft. Monolithic structures using materials such as titanium and carbon have many critical advantages for the airframe - bringing parts counts down, easing assembly times and reducing weight. Through its Advanced Composites Facility (ACF) in the UK, GKN Aerospace is also researching into the manufacture of composite monolithic structures, and is exploring the automation of composite manufacture to bring parts costs down whilst improving product consistency.


In transparency systems, the Company is already a major supplier to many airframe primes including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Fairchild, Raytheon and Saab and offers extensive technological expertise in applying both plastics and glass for flight deck and passenger windows, canopies and special transparencies, and wing tip lenses.


In its nacelles operation, GKN Aerospace is a first tier supplier with the ability to design, manufacture and certify its own products and with extensive experience in both turbofan and turboprop applications. GKN Aerospace designed and certified the nacelle system for the Bombardier Challenger 300; supplies nacelles for the Honeywell HTF7000 engine which equips the Challenger 300; and is a supplier to manufacturers such as Dassault, Rolls-Royce and Gulfstream. The focus for GKN Aerospace is on providing its customers with nacelle systems with fewer components and therefore lower product and life-cycle costs.


Also on display at NBAA is the Company's electro-thermal heating, which has been selected for every major electric ice protection programme to date - across rotary and fixed wing airframes. It represents an important technological development, which combines simplicity, versatility and ruggedness in an elegant solution that has endless applications across all airframes - and brings many performance benefits to the operator. Electric ice protection is one of GKN Aerospace's key technologies for the future.


The Company's radome test range, based at Fort Worth, Texas provides customers with a comprehensive service which includes testing for radar transmission efficiency after manufacture or repair. The facility is able to test the full range of aircraft radomes, and is already approved by the FAA to test radomes for an array of business and regional aircraft.