​Our history

GKN Aerospace was established under GKN ownership in 1993. We have a
strong pedigree in the aerospace sector extending over 100 years: a heritage complemented by the engineering and industrial expertise of GKN that spans
over 250 years.

Since 1993, GKN Aerospace has strategically acquired elements of leading aerospace manufacturers to create our world-class aerospace business. The chart below highlights the key points on this journey.

2015 – Acquisition of Fokker Technologies – strengthened market leading positions, expanded technology offering, increased content on key platforms and broadened global footprint

2015 – Acquisition of Sheets Manufacturing, Inc. – strengthened partnership with Boeing; unique metallic technologies for lipskin manufacture

2012 – Acquisition of Volvo Aero –creating a market leader in aero engine components significantly enhancing the engine components business

2009 – Acquisition of Filton – appreciably enhances our major metallic aerostructures assembly expertise

2007 – Acquired Teleflex – further access to engine product market, metallic technologies

2006 – Acquired Stellex – extended capabilities in high precision machining

2003 – Acquired Pilkington Aerospace – enhanced existing transparency capabilities and added bullet resistant glass

2002 – Acquired Astech, Santa Ana – engine product capability, welded honeycomb structures, aftermarket

2002 – Acquired Kent EBC, Washington – electron beam welding technology

2001 – Acquired St Louis, Missouri – created strong partnership with Boeing, metallic and composite technologies

1999 – Acquired Chem-tronics, El Cajon – engine product market, metallic technologies, aftermarket

1998 – Acquired Dow UT, Alabama – access to North American market, RTM technology

1997 – Acquired Adis, Munich – access to Airbus, composite capabilities

1997 – Acquired Aerospace Composite Technologies (ACT), Luton – de-icing technology, transparencies and specialist coatings, aftermarket

1997 – Acquired BP Chemicals, Avonmouth – access to Airbus and RTM technology